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Exemption of Noor Ali and Resignation of Noman from BAIRA

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Hasib Ahmad
Hasib Ahmad
Hasib Ahamed is the Head Of IT at Nagorik Television.
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BAIRA Chief Adviser Mohammad Noor Ali has been exempt and Shamim Ahmed Chowdhury Noman has resigned from the post of secretary general of the Bangladesh Association of International Recruiting Agencies (BAIRA).

Many members of the Baira executive committee said Mr. Noor Ali in face of protest from Baira members during its recent annual general meeting (AGM).

The secretary general also submitted a letter to the president within a few hours of the demands raised in the organization’s AGM, reads a press release.

During the rescheduled meeting, several members raised question about Noman’s efficiency in handling the organization. This might have prompted him to resign, the members added.

BAIRA President Abul Bashar said, there is no provision of the post of any Chief Adviser on BAIRA constitution. So it has been abolished in annual general meeting (AGM) of BAIRA was called on Saturday, 12 February. Mr. Noor Ali has been occupied the post out of respect and experience as the ex-precedent. During the AGN, upon the request of the general member the post has been discontinued.

He said Baira was scheduled to hold the AGM on January 30, but it was adjourned amid chaos among the members. Later, the AGM was rescheduled for Saturday. Shamim Ahmed Chowdhury submitted resignation amid a row among the organisation’s members.

In Shamim Ahmed’s resignation letter on Saturday (11 February), he stated that the annual general meeting (AGM) of BAIRA was called on 30 January. But, due to some unfortunate circumstances, it had to be postponed. Later the date of annual general meeting was fixed on 11 February.

However, he mentioned in his resignation letter that he was unreasonably blamed for the situation of postponement of the AGM for the first time. He also mentioned that it has become necessary to resign from the post of secretary general due to the allegations against him.

In his resignation letter, he also claimed that he has been performing his duties for a long time as the general secretary elected per the rules of BAIRA and has been working for the welfare of this organization and its members.

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