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“Noor Ali uses name of the Malaysian PM to monopolize labor market”

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The former president of Bangladesh Association of International Reporting Agencies-Baira, Noor Ali, is using the name of the Prime Minister of Malaysia as a tool to keep Bangladesh recruiting agency owners on his side and monopolize the labor market of Malaysia.

He urged the agency owners to have confidence in him as he had a meeting with the Prime Minister of Malaysia on the issue of labor market in several meetings and various events with the agency owners.

Noor Ali said that he will implement that all traders can do business.  For this, Baira urged the members to take a stand on his behalf.  At the end of last year, the Noor Ali-led panel gave the same assurance in the Baira executive committee elections. But after the vote, except for the general members, most of the elected members of BAARA, including him, continue to do business with confidence in the existing system of the Malaysian labor market.

In this situation, he came under fire from his followers.  Baira’s former president Noor Ali is also using the name of the Prime Minister of Malaysia to support them.

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