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About Nagorik

Nagorik is an entity under the Mohammad Group, a media company. In November 2013, the democratic government of Bangladesh granted permission to Jadu Media Limited, a partner of the Mohammad Group, to establish a television channel. The Mohammad Group named the television channel "Nagorik." Finally, in June 2015, the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) granted permission for the television channel to broadcast.

What is Nagorik?

Nagorik is a platform for news, information, and entertainment. It believes in building relationships with ordinary people. Alongside television, Nagorik has a presence on various digital platforms such as Nagorik.com, YouTube channels, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Nagorik wants to listen to and speak for ordinary people. The aspirations of all citizens are the driving force behind Nagorik.


Nagorik Television aims to build relationships with people and play a transformative role in the natural, social, economic, and political environment nationally and internationally. It aims to inspire through impartial news, analysis, and excellent entertainment.

To achieve this goal, Nagorik collaborates with talented, creative, and enthusiastic individuals. The content of Nagorik TV fosters deep, intense, and sincere relationships with people. It focuses on the culture, thoughts, and knowledge of the global Bengali community.


Nagorik TV is an active, conscious, discerning, and engaging media like other elements of society. It is indispensable for Bangladesh and the liberation war. In all aspects of society, whether in joy, celebration, disaster, sorrow, agitation, enthusiasm, or initiative, Nagorik TV is with the common people. Viewers are not just consumers but also active participants. This is the essence of Nagorik TV's philosophy.

Through discussions on novelty, creativity, intellectual discourse, and education, Nagorik TV maintains its role in serving the public. Those who want to maintain the same mentality and attitude are stakeholders in Nagorik.

Organizational Structure

Nagorik was founded by Anisul Haque, the former mayor of North Dhaka, and a popular television presenter. After his demise, Dr. Rubana Haque leads Nagorik. She is supported by a young, dynamic workforce consisting of heads of news and current affairs, entertainment, programs and events, and marketing and sales.

Viewers will be at the center of Nagorik TV's thinking, consciousness, work, and planning.

Nagorik believes in building trust with its viewers. Therefore, it is committed to providing information, analysis, feature stories, entertainment, and news evaluation appropriately. Creativity is the life force of Nagorik TV in these areas.

Furthermore, as a media organization, Nagorik is responsible to the state, society, families, and viewers. Therefore, the editorial department is always committed to broadcasting enriched content of the highest quality.